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OmgProxy 4G mobile proxy from scratch can be used for any purpose, Instagram, SEO, Sneakers, SMM, etc. Buy your own 4G mobile proxies is really the only way to ensure the quality of your proxy, especially in today’s world where it’s becoming much harder to use bots thanks to new AI algorithms. Those algorithms are able to detect regular or data center proxies easily thanks to new Machine Learning technology. This technology works by recording the behavior of every account and every IP, then once it detects any sort of pattern it will analyze, and eventually, it will discover the proxy and block the IP and any account that uses it.

On top of that, it was already easy to detect regular data center proxies as they are all recorded in a public database called IP Whois. Using this database anyone can tell if an IP is used by a regular home or by a data center user, be it for web hosting, VPNs, or any other proxy. This new technology, in fact, renders even residential proxies useless as they will be easy to detect and block, depending on the type of bot you’re using.

We have all felt this recent shift in the industry as botting (The use of programs to automate internet tasks) became more difficult, even borderline impossible in extreme cases like with Shopify. This was made very clear by the recent Instagram ban waves and Google updates. It’s become abundantly clear that internet companies have waged on internet marketers and any sort of botter, therefore those who do not adapt shall perish.

It’s not the end of the road though, just like internet companies can come up with new technologies, well so can internet marketers. In recent years the term 4G proxy became more popular as these proxies were hailed as the father of all proxies. The best of the best. The greatest quality proxy money can buy, but is it true?

It absolutely is. 4G mobile proxies are a new concept that’s just catching traction. 4G proxies and the technology these proxies can render almost any anti-botting algorithm useless for one simple reason. CGNAT.

CGNAT or Carrier Grade Nat is when a 4G mobile ISP or cellular network shares the same IPV4 address between multiple users. This is done to minimize the effects of IPV4 shortage and other reasons. Thanks to this technology, IP-based blocking which used by websites such as Twitter and Reddit is rendered almost useless since blocking a single IP can block an entire section of a city, and internet companies know that very well.

What’s even better is that since multiple real users are actively using the IP of the 4G mobile proxy, it makes it much harder to detect botting or automated activity as the bot is literally blending between regular users. It’s not all blooms and flowers though. As with every new technology comes new challenges that must be addressed, and the challenges with this one are not easy or simple.

In summary, 4G proxies are superior to all other proxies because:

  • 1. You own the proxy and you know nobody else will spam it.
  • 2. Regular users are using the same IP, so it’s harder to distinguish as a bot.
  • 3. Because a lot of users are using the same IP as your proxy, it’s a lot less likely to get IP-banned.
  • 4. Even if you do get IP-banned, you can immediately change IP .